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Simflofy Developers

This site will walk developers through the understanding the back end configurations of a Simflofy environment. It provides definitions of important fields and JavaScript examples of each section required to edit, configure, and troubleshoot the various sections that make up your Simflofy and Federated TSearch platforms.

Simflofy Basics

This section contains instructions on how to get started using simflofy. Including installation and access. You will get an overview of how Simflofy is designed as well as Simflofy's Integration Job flow.
Simflofy Design
Integration Job Flow
Getting Started for Developers

Processor Development

In the Processor Development section developers will find an overview on Simflofy Processors also known as Job Tasks. Simflofy walks developers through how to build a processor, what a project structure looks like and how to read and configure a class structure.
Processors Development
Project Structure
Class Structure

Connector Development

Edit Properties are how Simflofy creates configuration fields for all types of connectors and processors.
Edit Properties
Edit Property Factory
Edit Properties Usage

JavaScript Processors

The JavaScript Processor gives Simflofy Administrators the ability to access some vital pieces of the Repository Document API in order to modify documents while they are being processed for indexing or migration.
Processors Overview
JavaScript API
JavaScript Cookbook