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JavaScript Cookbook

Below you wil find some examples of processors created to modify content and data with the JavaScript Processor.

Remediate Illegal Characters

Remove illegal characters on fields.

var id = rd.getSimflofySourceRepositoryId();

//Remove the version from the document ID:
rd.addSingleField('shortId', id.substring(0, id.indexOf(':')));

//Grab fields we want to clean.
var name = rd.getFileName();
var title = rd.getDocumentField('Document.title');
var description = rd.getDocumentField('Document.description');

name = cleanText(name, true);
//Set the cleansed name.

//Check title
if (title != null) {
var titleVal = title.getFieldValue();
titleVal = cleanText(titleVal, false);
rd.addSingleField('Document.title', titleVal);

//Check desciption
if (description != null) {
var descVal = description.getFieldValue();
descVal = cleanText(descVal, false);
rd.addSingleField('Document.description', descVal);

//Function to clean illegal characters.
function cleanText(textToClean, isName) {
textToClean = textToClean.replace(/[^\S ]/g, ' ');
textToClean = textToClean.replace(/[โ€”โ€“โ€]/g, '-');
textToClean = textToClean.replace(/[โ€œโ€]/g, "'");
textToClean = textToClean.replace(/[^a-z0-9\- ()_\/\.\s'"{}&+]/gi, "_");

//Additional clean up for document names. (Includes Encoding)
if (isName) {
textToClean = textToClean.replace('{', '%7B');
textToClean = textToClean.replace('}', '%7D');
textToClean = textToClean.replace(/['"]/g, '%27%27');
return textToClean;

Set a Date Field Using Java Date

Use a Java Date field to set the date of a property if it does not exist.

//Create a variable with the Java type.
var jDate = Java.type("java.util.Date");

var eventDate = rd.getDocumentField("Document.Event Date").getFieldValue();

//If the date does not exist on the document, use the current date.
if (!eventDate || eventDate == "") {
eventDate =;

rd.addSingleDateField("eventDate", new jDate(eventDate));

Using a Switch Statement

var region = rd.getDocumentField("Document.Region").getFieldValue();

switch (region) {
case "SE":
region = "US - Southeast Region";
case "NE":
region = "US - Northeast Region";
case "MW":
region = "US - Midwest Region";
case "RM":
region = "US - Rocky Mountain Region";
case "SW":
region = "US - Southwest Region";
case "P":
region = "US - Pacific Region";
region = "-Select-";

rd.addSingleField("region", region);

Remove Fields With No Value

var map = rd.getFieldsMap();
for (i in map) {//Loop through all the keys in the map
var val = map[i].getFieldValue();//Grab the value of the DocumentField
if (val === '') {//Check if the value is empty'Removing ' + i);
} else {
//do something else, or omit this else statement

Convert ACLs

This example converts box editors to google drive writers.

if(rd.getACL() != null){
var newAcl = [];
for (var i in rd.getACL()){
var acl = rd.getACL()[i];
var split = acl.split('=');
var nRole = ''
if(split[1] === 'editor'){
nRole = 'writer'
nRole = split[1];
newAcl[i] = split[0] + '=' + nRole;

Remove Folders From a Parent Path

var skipFolders = 1; //This is how many folders to remove from the path
if(skipFolders > 0){
var absPath = rd.getPath();//Retrieving the parent path of the document
if(absPath.indexOf('/') === 0){//Removing a leading slash, as they causes issues with the split
absPath = absPath.substring(1);
var splitPath = absPath.split('/');//Split the path into parts
var parts = splitPath.length;//Check how many parts the path is

var nupath = [];//Create an array to contain the new path

for(var i = skipFolders ; i < parts ; i++){//Start loop after the skipped parts
nupath.push((splitPath[i]));//Add the part to the array
rd.setPath("/" + nupath.join('/'));//Combined the new path into a parent path with a leading slash